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Università Bocconi, founded in 1902, was the first Italian university to grant a degree in economics.

For a century, Bocconi has played a leading role in Italy's social and economic modernization. It has remained true to its founding values of being a major research university, with democratic values and open to the world, as well as financially and politically independent.

Università Bocconi believes that excellence can only be based on a person's academic profile as well as on his or her values and cultural and ethical background. This is why the University offers numerous activities, special occasions for people to enrich their knowledge.


Università Bocconi believes that excellence can only be based on a person's academic profile as well as on his or her values and cultural and ethical background. All of these elements are fundamental in determining a student's ability to gain personal and professional success.

This is why the University has always offered numerous cultural, sporting and discussion-oriented activities organized directly or in collaboration with the city. These are special occasions for people to enrich their knowledge, discuss issues regarding current events and cultivate new interests.

Open to all Bocconi students, faculty and personnel, these activities encourage an open climate and fruitful participation on the part of everyone here at the University, so that each individual can create their own personal "Bocconi experience".

Università Bocconi is a city campus, an integral part of urban life and just five minutes away from the city center via public transport.

Since the inauguration in 1941 of the historic building in via Sarfatti 25, the Bocconi campus has undergone continuous evolution. Numerous buildings have been added over time, each one created by progressive architects and decorated with a variety of artwork. In fact University planning is focused on learning and on the needs of its students who live in these environments every day; but the University is also a part of the city's rich cultural context.

Today the campus is made up of several buildings which are located in a small area, where students can easily access the numerous structures and services available to them.


The campus offers a variety of structures to support students in their studies and dailylife.

Lecture Halls and IT Labs

Besides numerous study stations which are always available on every floor of the Velodromo and in the left wing of the Via Sarfatti building, lecture halls not in use for teaching are available every day to students who want to stay at the University to study. A list of these structures is available online or on the notice boards on the ground floor of the via Sarfatti building - Zappa - Notari lecture halls corridor.

Besides being a place for day-to-day university socialization, the Library also provides students individual study space at the University, offering about 600 study stations every day.

If you need a PC to work on, there are two IT Labs available in Via Sarfatti: The Aula Bar (floor -1 in Via Sarfatti) and the INFO 5, on the ground floor in Via Sarfatti

Campus life space

If you are interested in campus life, come to the Velodromo, where you will find a welcoming space which provides a variety of opportunities: you can consult paper and online material on campus activities, and meet University personnel or other students who are able to describe the many opportunities offered to enrich your Bocconi experience and help you participate fully in university life.


The Bocconi Library is one ofItaly's most fully equipped libraryin terms of the economics-managerial field, with over 715,000 volumes, about 30,000 journal titles in paper and online format, numerous specialized collections and connections to 61 databanks. It is also the headquarters of the European Documentation Centre, and the depository for Asian Development Bank publications.

The library also organizes bibliographic research seminars which can help students in their research work and thesis writing.

At the library you can also find almost 600 study stations available every day.

Language Center

Founded in 1991, the Language Center was the first structure of its kind in an Economics Department in Italy.

Besides curricular courses in English, French, Italian for foreigners, Portuguese, Spanish and German, the Center organizes supplementary courses in Arabic language and culture, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and U.S. English.

It also offers language labs for individual study, with technologically advanced equipment and multimedia support which is constantly updated.


SEDIN helps everyone in the Bocconi community master the software needed for their work.

Besides compulsory courses which are part of the degree programs' program structures, SEDIN also offers training courses and supplementary activities to learn more about the most widely used software, particularly in the economics-legal field.

Students can also sit the ECDL Core and Advanced certifications at SEDIN.


The Egea bookstore, Università Bocconi's publishing house, occupies a space of 700 square meters next to the University, in via Bocconi 8.

Here you can find Italian and foreign texts in all areas of economics, law, and the social sciences, along with fiction and non-fiction.

The bookstore also organizes events open to the public with authors, intellectuals and journalists.


The gym located under Bocconi Residence in Via Bocconi 12 is in an excellent position to be used easily by Università Bocconi students and personnel.

Even though the gym is not very spacious, it offers a weight and cardio fitness roomcourses in aerobics, accident recovery and physical training for individual and team sports. and organizes

At the gym you can also rent the 5-a-side soccer field located at the back of Bocconi Residence.

Dining facilities

There are a number of places to eat on campus:

* the cafeteria in Via Bocconi 12 offers complete meals or single dishes Monday through Saturday from 12 to 2:30 pm and in the evening from 7 to 8:30 pm;
* next to the cafeteria is a bar which is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, offering sandwiches and cold dishes during the lunch break;
* the bar-cafeteria on the 2nd floor of Via Sarfatti 25 is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm. Between 12 and 3 pm it offers a service providing pizza, flat-bread sandwiches, and hot and cold buffets. Sandwiches are available at any time.

The University also has a Restaurant located on the underground floor of Via Sarfatti 25, open to everyone, Monday through Saturday from 12:30 to 3 pm.

If you wish to leave the Bocconi campus to eat, there are a number of opportunities just a short distance away which will satisfy any type of budget.


There is a branch of the Banca Popolare di Sondrio inside the SDA Bocconi building, in Via Bocconi 8. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 1 pm and from 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm.

An ATM machine is also available on the 2nd floor in Via Sarfatti 25.


Bocconi offers several services to support campus life.

* International Student desk

The ISD is devoted to International Students and helps them adapt to the new Italian environment.

It aims to guide students through their stay at Bocconi with a series of tailored servicesand activities, including:

* Bocconi Welcome Kit
* Welcome Desk
* Welcome / Orientation Meeting
* University Tour
* Italian Language Course
* Visa/Permit of Stay Info and Assistance
* Housing Support
* Buddy Service
* Academic Advisor
* a dedicated newsletter.

The ISD Team encourages all International Students to visit the office upon arrival.

* Wireless

Students, faculty and personnel, as well as participants of conferences held at the University can use the wireless network which covers the entire campus, in particular:

Back to the listStudents, faculty and personnel, as well as participants of conferences held at the University can use the wireless network which covers the entire campus, in particular:

* Via Sarfatti 25 (the west wing of the building +reception room)
* Velodromo
* Building in Via Röntgen 1
* Building in Via Balilla 18

You need to register in order to access the network; registration follows different procedures according to one's status.

* Punti Blu

"PUNTI BLU" enable students to carry out several administrative tasks which are needed throughout their student career, like printing certificates, and other activities.

Students can save time instead of waiting in lines at University administrative offices. Moreover, since updates of data in archives are completed in real time, students can immediately verify the final outcomes of their transactions.

The "Punto Blu" application is available in the y o U @ B Agenda (but there are many "PUNTI BLU" in all campus buildings.

* Lost and Found

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