93 scholarships/grants enabling you to study at Moldova State University

Especially when studying abroad, financing your study becomes important due to tuition fees, higher living costs and because national student grants and loans might not be available for you.

However, alone in Europe there are nearly 16 billion Euro worth of scholarships available each year! Among them, there are many scholarships to study in Moldova.

Did you know that many scholarships and student loans in Moldova are also available for non-EU citizens?

Besides classical scholarships we also list government grants, studentships, competitions, fellowships and other options for you to finance your studies at Moldova State University.

Not all scholarships have eligibility requirements based on your GPA and motivation letter! There are numerous specific scholarships for awardees meeting alternative criteria such as nationality, religion, special needs or your financial situation.

On this page you will find a list of scholarships that will allow you to study at Moldova State University * - provided that you fulfill the requirements of that particular scholarship.

For details, simply click on the title of the listed scholarship to find more information.

* StudyPortals cannot guarantee that the listed scholarship applies to this university; the results shown on this page are suggestions first and foremost.

Suggested Scholarships

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